Seniors – Steamboat Social, Friday 3/22

From Diane Jacob, Steamboat Social Coordinator

The Steamboat Social will meet this  Friday, March 22nd at 10am at the main Griffin Fire Department.  We hope you join us for coffee, tea and a snack.   There are no dues or fees for our meeting.

I have chosen this month’s speaker from the Senior Action Network of Thurston County has lists of its members who chose to speak in public to educate seniors. One of the rules is no self promotion or sign up lists to ever contact the audience.We are happy to have Bruce Bamford LUTCF who has been speaking on “Financially Preparing for Long Term Care” for years.His topic will include areas like
1.  What is Long Term Care?
2.  Types of facilities?
3.  How do you pay for Long Term Care?
a. Self Funding?
b. Qualifying and rumors of Medicaid?
c. Long Term Care insurance? What is it?

Included below is a link to a recent TCTV presentation:
                                                    Check this site out before attending our presentation to be more informed South Sound Seniors and TCTV presents
Medicaid Planning Teamwork
We hope to see you Friday.  Everyone is welcomed, and we always look forward to meeting new neighbors.

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