Lectors (i.e. Readers)
Lectors (i.e. Readers)

Lectors are those selected and trained to read aloud the lesson (from Latin use where”Lectors” read the “Lections”). This is an old and venerable ministry, once considered a minor office in the church. In ancient times, books were rare and many were illiterate. Therefore, Lectors were responsible for proclaiming aloud the Scripture lessons so the congregation could hear and understand. Even more, lectors were sometimes consultants on basic Bible knowledge, like where to find a specific passage or whether Jesus really said this or that. The roots of this ministry is not far from that of the scribe in Jesus’ time.
Today, in the era of near complete literacy our country, the Lectors ministry is to make known the words of the Bible by reading with meaning, using proper pronunciation, having strong enunciation, and speaking without distraction or over-the-top vocal dramatics. A Lectors purpose is to proclaim Jesus in the words of Scripture in an engaged manner and for the benefit of the whole Church.

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