Online Eucharist for March 15th, Lent 3

If you have trouble playing this video, it could be due to high usage on our website. Please try using another device or go to and try streaming from there.

We have moved our Sunday Eucharist to a pre-recorded video posted on Facebook. We invite you to participate in worship by watching the video. In addition, “Christopher Saint” will be hosting a Facebook Watch Party.

Q: I don’t do Facebook! Can I still watch?
A: You betchya you can! Our page and the video are public. However, the “Watch Party” we’re about to do is by invitation only (Spammers and trolls not allowed).

Q: Who is Christopher Saint on Facebook?
A: It’s us in the St. Christopher’s office. Having a persona, not just a page, on Facebook allows us some advantages, like what we’re about to do!

Q: What is a “Watch Party”?
A: Facebook has created a way for people to watch videos on Facebook together. In a watch party, people can interact via a typed chat and comment on the video as it happens. It’s kinda like a movie theater that allows talking during the movie. For us, we can watch the recorded Eucharist and make responses. For example you can type “And also with you,” when the celebrant says “The Lord be with you…” AND you will see others who are in the Watch Party typing their responses too.

Q: Do I have to do the Watch Party?
A: No. You can watch the video at any time without being a part of the Watch Party.

Q: I’m in! Or at least a I wanna be in. How do I join the Watch Party?
A: “Christopher Saint” will be hosting the Watch Party and will only invite people Christopher is friends with. (This will prevent ‘trolls’ and spam.) Please go to and add Christopher as one of your friends. Christopher (i.e. ‘we’) will add an invite to the Watch Parties scheduled for our 8am and 10:30am service times. From there just follow Facebook’s directions.

Q: Will we have bulletins?
A: We will send out bulletins to our members via the emails we have on file. This allows us to avoid copyright infringement by posting them publicly.

Q: Is this what we will be doing every Sunday while the church building is close?
A: Maybe. Maybe not. We really want as much true to life interaction as possible and we haven’t ruled out live streaming yet. However we are still working out the details. So we’ll see… Stay with us. We’re working hard to keep our community together. You are important.

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    • Sharon Parker on March 14, 2020 at 8:51 pm

    Good for you, Fr. James! I hope you are resting a bit easier tonight.

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