Holy Week at Home

Welcome to the holiest of weeks in the Christian calendar. Let’s join together in celebrating Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the Great Vigil of Easter, and Easter Sunday together.

Holy Week at Home Kit

Kit Contents: Palms for Palm Sunday, Candle for the Easter Vigil, Chocolate for Easter Vigil or Easter Sunday. (You can procure these for yourself! Any tree/bush branch, taper-style or pillar-style candle, and chocolate/treat will work.)

Slow video above? Click here.

Finding and Creating a Sacred Space

Watch the video below and/or see this web page by clicking here.

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Palm Sunday

The Home Liturgy can be found at this link.
– Read the instructions at the top of the service prior to your worship.

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Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, & Holy Wednesday – Prepare for Thursday- Sunday.

Spend this time readying yourself and your household for the Triduum, the Three Great Days of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter.

Readings for each day can be found by clicking the link attached to the title above. There are three readings, one for each day. Use the readings to prepare spiritually for the Triduum.

Maundy Thursday preparation: Plan a simple meal. Soup, salad, and bread are fine. Add to it a small amount of wine or grape juice if your diet allows. A meatless meal is to be preferred. Decide which liturgy you will do…
Option 1 is the simple at home only option.
Option 2 will be jointly with others via Zoom. If using Zoom, make sure you can join a meeting. Contact Fr. James to try it out. In addition to the above prepare a bowl, a pitcher, warm water, and towels to wash one another’s feet or hands at this observance.

Good Friday preparation: Plan to fast from media for a time. Options include fasting media all of Friday or from noon to 3pm on Friday or from noon Friday until noon Saturday. This is also a Great Fast in the Church calendar. Consider heightening your Lenten fast for this day. As you are able, plan to do the Stations of the Cross (at home or at church) and/or to join us in the Good Friday liturgy at 7pm online. You can find it at any of the following places:

Our website – www.StChristopherOlympia.org (on the front page)
Facebook – www.Facebook.com/StChristopherOlympia (no Facebook account needed.
Church Community Builder – http://StChristopherOlympia.ccbChurch.com (on the home screen)

Once the live stream is completed we will also post the recording for you to view at other times. 

Holy Saturday preparation: Clear your calendar. Jesus lay in the tomb this day. Try to make it as quiet and simple during the daytime. The Easter Vigil will take place at 7pm streaming live.

Easter Vigil preparation: Gather what you will need for the making a Paschal Candle at home. Here is the list. These are the ideal components, but improvise wherever necessary.
– Outdoor fire pit and fire – logs, kindling, matches, etc.
(You may also use a gas stove, a lighter, or a match.)
– Long stick to carry fire from fire pit to candle.
– White or cream colored candle.
– Taylor’s/sewing pins (ideally with red beads on end or use red nail polish to paint silver heads red.)
– Small wire cutters or pliers to cut pins down to proper size as necessary.
– Sharpie or other implement to write on candle. (Alternative: Write on a small piece of square or rectangular paper and we’ll use the pins to pin it to the candle. This may be best if using a taper style candle)
– Watch the video below to see what we will be doing on the Easter Vigil.

[Easter Vigil instruction Video coming]

Easter preparation:
Plan to dress up.
Find some Easter music to play in the house.
Set a nice table (even if you are having a simple meal!).
See recipe below for Hot Crossed Buns and procure ingredients as available (If unavailable, how could you improvise making Hot Crossed Buns?)
Consider cutting a fresh bouquet for you table or home.
Buy your chocolate or other treat ahead of time.
Find some wax crayons or a dye kit to make Easter eggs.
Be prepared to watch the service online.
Save some time to make phone/video calls to others in your family and in the church; greet each other with the Easter greeting!
Be prepared to feast and rejoice!

Maundy Thursday, 6pm

Option 1:
Hold a Maundy Thursday Agape Meal at home on your own. Use this simple liturgy to guide you.

Option 2:
Join with other households linked by Zoom and have a Maundy Thursday Agape together. Print out/view on devices this liturgy for members of your household. See “Maundy Thursday preparations” above. Then follow these instructions:

  • Have your simple meal ready by 5:45pm
  • Launch Zoom at 5:30pm so you have enough time to troubleshoot in case of problems. (Click here to join Meeting ID: 905 722 400 . Password: 923254)
  • Place your computer/tablet/or phone at the head/foot of the table where all can see. A bigger screen is more desirable.
  • Join in the joint dinner via Zoom (Click here to join Meeting ID: 905 722 400 . Password: 923254). Your microphone will be muted (too many unmuted mic’s makes for sound feedback). You will be able to hear and see but not be heard.
  • Participate in worship.
  • Clear the table at the appropriate time, reverently and in silence. This is part of our worship.
  • When the time is right, break the silence gently.

Good Friday, 7pm

Today is a Great Fast. The other Great Fast is Ash Wednesday. Please consider abstaining from some kinds of food or a luxury OR fasting from food or luxuries today.

Today please fast from media for a time. (Options include all day, from noon to 3pm, or from noon Friday to noon Saturday.) We are observing a time of (media) silence in reverence of Christ’s death.

Please find somewhere public to place a cross, draw a cross, or create a cross where others can see. It encourages your Christian sisters and brothers to see others who are worshiping alongside them. And this connects the both of you.
Ideas include:
– Draw a cross on sand of the beach, in your rock driveway, or with chalk on the asphalt.
– Make a cross to hang on your front door or gate
– Wear a cross today. Wear it visibly.
– Post online that you are observing Good Friday.

Stations of the Cross: You may wish to participate in the Stations fo the Cross. Here are some options:
Traditional Options:
 Form 1  : From Forward Movement
  Form 2 : King of Peace version 
  Form 3 :  Children’s Liturgy
Contemporary Options

[Links coming soon]

At Home Guided Options
Form 1 : Video (YouTube) from Trinity Episcopal
Form 2: Slides/pictures from St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral Denver

7pm Online Worship: Join in online worship at 7pm. You can find the live stream worship at any of the following places:

Our website – www.StChristopherOlympia.org (on the front page)
Facebook – www.Facebook.com/StChristopherOlympia (no Facebook account needed.
Church Community Builder – http://StChristopherOlympia.ccbChurch.com (on the home screen)

Once the live stream is completed we will also post the recording for you to view at other times. 

Holy Saturday and the Easter Vigil

Please see “Easter Vigil preparation above”

Home Worship:
Tonight get ready to create your own “new fire”. This may be a fire in your outdoor fire pit, in your fireplace or stove, a gas burner on your kitchen stove, or a lighter or match.

Get your Paschal Candle making items as listed in “Easter Vigil preparation” above. Once your new fire is lit, follow along in the video below in making your Paschal Candle.

Light your Paschal Candle from the new flame you have created.
Watch the our video of the resurrection of the Alleluias! (for kids of all ages!)
Eat your chocolate! (Also for kids of all ages!)

7pm Live Stream. We will be participating in the live stream of the Easter Vigil from St. John’s Episcopal Church Olympia. We will have details about where to find the live stream soon.

Easter Sunday, 8am & 10:30am

(No Adult Formation/Chronological Bible Study at 9:00a.m.)

Join in the Easter Services at 8am & 10:30am. These services will be live streamed or pre-recorded. We will have info here or at www.facebook.com/StChristopherOlympia as to where to view online worship.

– Make Hot Crossed Buns.
– Dye some eggs.
– Have an egg hunt or watch one!
– Play Easter music.
– Make a Feast!
– Call at least three others from the congregation and greet them with “Alleluia! Christ is risen!” (Response: “Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!”)
– Rejoice! And enjoy the Great 50 Days of Easter!

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    Thank you, Abba James, for the at-home liturgy and invitation to create an Altar. “Well done, thou good and faithful Servant.”!!
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    Thank you, Father James, for you beautiful Easter service. God is Good. You are one of His many blessing! Thank you for all you you do

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