Blessings Abound from the Open Hands Garden at StC

A climbing rose provides beauty and filtered sun for the garden.

St. Christopher’s Open Hands Garden is once again in full bloom. Located on the east side (back side) of the church, the terraced garden provides fresh, local produce for Steamboat Island foodbank clients, for Community Lifeline (Shelton), and for the Thurston County Foodbank.

The Garden is tended by local volunteers from St. Christopher’s and the Steamboat Island community. Not only does the garden welcome all kinds of recipients of its bounty, it also invites anyone to join in tending the earth and experience our Creator’s green thumb. No would-be gardener is turned away because of experience level, and many remark on the joys of working together for the sake of others.

Our community’s thanks goes out to Bill Hanna, who has recently moved out of the area and lead many of the gardening efforts. We also give thanks for Tucker Smyth who has taken the reins with gusto.

If you would like be a part, you can contact the Garden below.

Open Hands Foodbank Garden
Open Hands Foodbank Garden
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