2013 draft budget available for review

The draft 2013 budget is now available for review, in preparation for the annual meeting on Sunday, January 27. You’ll find it below.

A few notes to help in interpreting this year’s budget.  Most organizations our size would be bothered by a projected shortfall of $22,000 for the year.  It’s not what we wish to see, but it’s also not a surprise.  We are a congregation in a process of redevelopment: we’ve been receiving a grant for the past two years to help us grow and develop, and while some great progress has certainly taken place, our growth in giving has not been at the same rate at which our grant is declining.

This is not a time to panic or to abandon the mission we’ve been called to.  It’s a time to step out in faith and continue seeking God’s vision for our ministry–all with an awareness that we are still in a process of development.

If you have comments or questions related to the budget before the annual meeting, you can contact our incoming treasurer, Doug Smith.


For a downloadable version of the budget, click here: 2013-Draft-Budget.

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