Purpose and Values – Looking Ahead Together

Racing has never been one of my favorite images the Bible offers us for the life of faith. Maybe it’s because I often feel rushed in my daily life, moving so quickly from one thing to the next; maybe it’s because speed has never been what you might call my greatest virtue….

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Introducing the Open Hands Food Bank Garden

The St. Christopher’s grounds are now home to the Open Hands Food Bank Garden. Members of the church and wider community have planted a garden to grow food for the Thurston County Food Bank….

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Save the Date: Blueberry Bash Is August 25

Come join in the fun this August at the annual Blueberry Bash at St. Christopher’s. This year’s event will feature games for all ages, music by local bluegrass band The Oly Mountain Boys, a silent auction, and oh–did we mention the blueberry pie?

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Summer Book Group: Listening for God

Where do you listen for God? This question is behind the short stories collected in Listening for God–and the challenge is to pay attention everywhere. The book promises both to be fun summer reading and to spark great conversation….

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Dessert in the Garden – June 9, 5-7pm

The Open Hands Food Bank Garden is now up and running, and we’d like to share this exciting project with you! The whole Steamboat Island community is invited to Dessert in the Garden, this coming Sunday.

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Here in Ordinary Time

With churches all over the world, we have just made one of the big turns of the church year: from the Easter season into “Ordinary Time.” It’s a funny phrase, isn’t it? What does that make the other parts of the year? Extraordinary time?

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In All Things for Good

That little difference between “all things work together for good” and “in all things God works for good” actually makes all the difference, between a God who orchestrates every last action and a God who remains beside people and works for good, even in the midst of tragedy that God would never create….

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Bombs, Earthquakes, and Barriers: A Sermon on All That Tries to Stand in the Way of God’s Grace

It’s a hard week to come together and proclaim the Easter faith of resurrection and new life. But behind each seemingly tame, casual question, there’s a current of hurt and isolation and hope running deep and wide–maybe even wide enough to touch our lives this week….

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Christ Is Risen! So… Now What?

The gospels give us a picture of life after Easter as being very ordinary: gathering with others, inviting strangers in for a meal, working in our various vocations. It’s ordinary life, and yet it’s shot through with the extraordinary promise that the risen Christ is there…

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Recognizing Jesus: A Sermon for the Second Sunday of Easter

And that’s how it is with Jesus. The actions give him away. We recognize Christ’s presence where Christ is acting through others, doing the things Christ did: blessing bread, breaking it, and giving it for all….

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Join in the CROP Walk to Fight Hunger – May 5th

Want to do something about hunger in our community and around the world? Come on out and walk with St. Christopher’s! This year’s Thurston County CROP Walk is Sunday, May 5th….

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Worship Matters – Education Hour This Season

Why do we gather for worship each week? How does our worship shape the way we live and respond to the world? And where is God in all of this, anyway? If you’ve ever asked questions like these, I hope you’ll join us for our education hour this Easter season….

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Misleading Trumpets – Sermon for Easter Day

The trumpets can be misleading–because ultimately the Easter news is not the bold brass of certainty but the mysterious wind of faith. Do you find it hard to believe the news of the empty tomb? You’re in good company….

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An Easter Vigil? What’s That All About?

Okay, so pastors are supposed to get excited about worship services–I know that. But really, the Easter Vigil is worth getting excited about. It’s an ancient service of worship that Christians have used for centuries and centuries: the light of Christ shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

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Holy Week and Easter at St. Christopher’s

Whether you’re a long-time church-goer or have never heard the story before, you are welcome at St. Christopher’s this week. Come and be part of the great story of Holy Week. Worship times and information are here.

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Sermon on Trees, Repentance, and a Loving Gardener

Imagine a tree, tended by a loving gardener. That’s what repentance is like, Jesus says. Be aware of those who are offering you love and care and patience; be aware of the breath in your lungs and the blood in your veins and the gift of a day to love and to serve. Root down deeply into that good soil….

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Evening prayer and book study – Tuesdays during Lent

Lent is not a spectator sport: it’s an invitation to re-center our lives in what’s truly important. This year at St. Christopher’s, we’re gathering for weekly evening prayer and conversation around the book Simplifying the Soul: every Tuesday at 7pm….

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Ash Wednesday – Worship at 7pm

Ash Wednesday is the first day of the season of Lent, a time set apart for reflection and returning to God’s ways of peace and justice. Come and join in this ancient tradition on Wednesday, February 13. Worship begins at 7pm. All are welcome….

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Our purpose and values: Ready for your feedback

The members of the St. Christopher’s vision team have been hard at work this fall and winter, and at the annual meeting on January 27th, they shared a draft of their work with the congregation. Here it is….

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2013 draft budget available for review

The draft 2013 budget is now available for review, in preparation for the annual meeting on Sunday, January 27….

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