Oct. 4th: Blessing of Animals Celebrating St. Francis Day

This Friday, Oct. 4th! Blessing of Animals for St. Francis Fest. The Commemoration of St. Francis on on Oct. 4th, this Friday. Francis taught us many things, emulating the teachings of Jesus in ways few have been able to emulate. One lesson Francis showed in his life is that all creatures, not just humans, are our neighbors. We will be blessing animals as part of our celebration this Friday, 3pm-5pm at Companion Cove Pet, Feed, & Garden store on Sexton Drive. Bring your animal-neighbor whether furry, hairy, or scaled, four-footed, two-footed, or no-footed!

Saint Francis of Assisi (Italy), a friar who lived from 1181-1226, strived to know and live the Gospel in very literal ways. He is considered a reformer, mystic, and ascetic. His festival day is observed on October 4th by Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and others. More can be founded here.
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