Camp Michael

Camp Michael Volunteers
Camp Michael Volunteers

St. Christopher’s is one of the supporters of a local Lacey/Olympia summer camp, Camp Michael. We volunteer as director’s, medical volunteers, staff, counselors-in-training (middle school) and camp counselors (high school).

Camp Michael is a Christian residential camping ministry supported and presented by the combined Episcopal congregations of the Willapa Hills Region in the Diocese of Olympia (including St. Christopher’s).

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Olympia, with the shared leadership of Brother Michael Stonebraker, Order of the Holy Cross, created the foundation of Camp Michael’s beginning. In 1991, the expanded support began as a shared Regional Ministry and continues today. Program development from year-to-year meets new challenges, welcomes new campers and watches returning campers grow into leadership positions.

This ministry bears the name CAMP MICHAEL and the short arm cross logo as a tribute to Brother Michael. The combined Episcopal Churches of this regional area are committed to sponsoring and supporting this vital, on-going happy summer camping experience for as long as there are children and energy and vision for a Christ-centered camping ministry.

The shared Ministry of the Willapa Hills Regional Congregations
of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia
St. Andrew, Aberdeen; St. Hugh of Lincoln, Allyn; St. Luke, Elma; St. Germain, Hoodsport; St. Benedict, Lacey; St. Mark, Montesano; St. Christopher, Olympia; St.John/San Juan, Olympia; St. David of Wales/St. David de Gales, Shelton

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