We grow in faith in all sorts of ways–through worshipping together, through prayer, through being attentive to God’s presence in our daily lives, through serving others.  We also grow in faith through learning together, and St. Christopher’s is committed to providing educational opportunities for all ages.  Check back regularly for our current opportunities.

Sunday Morning Education Hour

Every Sunday morning during the program year (September through May), we gather for an education hour from 9am to 10am.  It’s a time of prayer, of conversation, of questioning and wondering and listening for God’s word to us today.  In some seasons we read scripture during this hour; in others we work through a book or other curriculum addressing our faith.

Whatever we do, it’s open to all: whether you’re a seasoned Bible-reader or just want to learn more about what the life of faith is all about, you are welcome.


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Chronological Bible Study

A Chronological Journey Through the Bible.  Syllabus: Click here for the weekly schedule of readings and questions  Text: Click to Purchase: The Chronological Study Bible – NIV edition In 2018 we embarked on a chronological journey through the Bible. We are reading the Bible in the order that narrative happens. For instance, various Psalms are inserted into the …