Diocese of Olympia Annual Convention, Oct 26-27 2018


“This is Us: Looking Back, Moving Forward” 2018 Convention of the Diocese of Olympia

Each year we participate in the annual gathering of either our Lutheran synod or our Episcopal diocese. Lutheran’s call this annual meeting “Synod Assembly” and Episcopalians call it “Diocesan Convention.” The meetings are remarkably similar in the way they are conducted and topics covered.

This year, we participate in the Episcopal Diocesan, held October 26-27 at the Doubletree, Seattle Airport.

The meetings are open anyone but participants must register to attend, which includes a registration fee. Only delegates and clergy have voice and vote for the business sessions, unless an exception made officially by vote at the Convention. We will be sending two delegates (T. Settle, and P. Simons), one person in discernment for the deaconate (B. Weza, almost a deacon but not quite yet!), and our priest (J. Thibodeaux).

A new tradition started a few years back and we plan to continue it… our delegation along with the delegations of St. John ‘s Episcopal (Olympia) and St. Benedict’s (Lacey) join together for dinner at a local restaurant. It’s a good time for us to keep up local connections between our congregations.

You can find more information from the Diocese of Olympia here or for info about Diocesan Convention 2018, click here.



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