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WWA Week 6 – Acts 11 and 12

What silences you? What makes your breath catch in your throat and leaves you wondering how words could ever live up to their descriptive task? “When they heard this, they were silenced” (Acts 11:18). That’s how the writer of Acts describes the reaction of the church at Jerusalem….

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WWA Week 5 – Acts 9 and 10

“Lord, I have heard from many about this man….” That’s how Ananias first responds when God tells him he is to offer prayer and hospitality to a certain someone named Saul.

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Walking with Acts – Summer and Fall 2012

This summer, St. Christopher’s is practicing discernment together, asking questions about our gifts and values and about God’s vision for our community. To help with this work, we are reading, talking, and praying our way through the book of Acts.

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Week 1: Acts 1 and 2

Let’s get started! The book of Acts is sometimes described as the story of the church’s birth.  It is written by the same author as the Gospel of Luke and picks up where that gospel left off, with the resurrected Jesus ascending to heaven and the disciples asking the question, “What now?” If you’d like …

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