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Giving and Receiving: A Sermon on Generosity

Jesus isn’t polite in this story—he’s something so much more than that. He’s generous. Jesus made a public display of it, made sure every knew he accepted Zacchaeus, the chief tax-collector, the guy no one accepted….

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Sermon on Practicing Humility

Because here’s the crazy thing about humility. The people who know the most about it probably never talk about humility. They probably don’t think about it, either. They’re too busy thinking and talking about things outside themselves; they’re too busy being humble.

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Sermon on Gratitude in this Ordinary, Imperfect Day

We’re used to thinking of gratitude as something to do after our problem is solved, but the story of the ten lepers complicates that notion. In the story, gratitude is as much a part of the healing as the curing of the disease….

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Sermon on Lament, Mustard Seeds, and Being God’s Sign in the World

If you ask me, I think that’s a pretty good statement of what the church ought to be about: we’re to be a sign—big enough that anyone can read it—that God isn’t finished with this world….

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