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Jan 28

Our purpose and values: Ready for your feedback

The members of the St. Christopher’s vision team have been hard at work this fall and winter, and at the annual meeting on January 27th, they shared a draft of their work with the congregation. Here it is….

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Dec 11

The honesty of Advent

Advent is a season of the church year particularly associated with waiting. The waiting of the people for a messiah; the waiting of a mother for the birth of her child; the waiting of the heart to be freed. It doesn’t really sound like it would be fun, and yet I love it….

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Oct 26

Exercising our gratitude muscles

Gratitude is good for a marriage, it’s good for a friendship, it’s good for a church. But we have to keep exercising those gratitude muscles. They don’t get strong without a workout every now and then….

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Sep 27

What is Discernment, Anyway? (Part 2)

Okay, so discernment assumes that God is active in the world, it can be done individually or communally, and it has to be done intentionally. But what does it look like?…

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