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Jul 08

Purpose and Values – Looking Ahead Together

Racing has never been one of my favorite images the Bible offers us for the life of faith. Maybe it’s because I often feel rushed in my daily life, moving so quickly from one thing to the next; maybe it’s because speed has never been what you might call my greatest virtue….

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Jul 01

Introducing the Open Hands Food Bank Garden

The St. Christopher’s grounds are now home to the Open Hands Food Bank Garden. Members of the church and wider community have planted a garden to grow food for the Thurston County Food Bank….

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May 07

In All Things for Good

That little difference between “all things work together for good” and “in all things God works for good” actually makes all the difference, between a God who orchestrates every last action and a God who remains beside people and works for good, even in the midst of tragedy that God would never create….

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Apr 09

Christ Is Risen! So… Now What?

The gospels give us a picture of life after Easter as being very ordinary: gathering with others, inviting strangers in for a meal, working in our various vocations. It’s ordinary life, and yet it’s shot through with the extraordinary promise that the risen Christ is there…

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