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Sermon on Gratitude in this Ordinary, Imperfect Day

We’re used to thinking of gratitude as something to do after our problem is solved, but the story of the ten lepers complicates that notion. In the story, gratitude is as much a part of the healing as the curing of the disease….

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Sermon on Lament, Mustard Seeds, and Being God’s Sign in the World

If you ask me, I think that’s a pretty good statement of what the church ought to be about: we’re to be a sign—big enough that anyone can read it—that God isn’t finished with this world….

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Enough: Join the Conversation this October

How can we live with simplicity, joy, and generosity? This month we’re talking about our relationship to money and how it relates to our calling as people of faith. Join in the conversation….

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Justice for the Poor – Education Hour this September

How can we learn from the poor? What is our responsibility to care for the poor and to advocate for justice on their behalf? These are the sorts of questions we’ll be asking this September and October in our weekly education hour….

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