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News: Our Lutheran Bishop part of Delegation to Israel

Bishop Jaech (pictured left in the purple bishop’s shirt) says he’s honored to be part of an ELCA delegation, led by Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, which is on its way to Israel to attend the installation of the newly elected bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land.  Bishop Sani Ibrahim Azar will …

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Great Expectations – Studying Isaiah this Advent

The words of the prophet Isaiah set the tone for the season of Advent, the time of expectation and preparation for the joy of Christmas. This Advent, we’re studying the words of Isaiah during our Sunday morning education hour at St. Christopher’s….

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Giving and Receiving: A Sermon on Generosity

Jesus isn’t polite in this story—he’s something so much more than that. He’s generous. Jesus made a public display of it, made sure every knew he accepted Zacchaeus, the chief tax-collector, the guy no one accepted….

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Sermon on Practicing Humility

Because here’s the crazy thing about humility. The people who know the most about it probably never talk about humility. They probably don’t think about it, either. They’re too busy thinking and talking about things outside themselves; they’re too busy being humble.

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