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Visiting a new church can be intimidating.  Will the worship style be familiar or very different from what I’m used to?  Will the service be long or short?  Will the people make me feel welcome or like an outsider?  Will I have to juggle too many heavy books?

St. Christopher’s strives to welcome all persons as we would welcome Christ; it is our hope that you would feel at home in our community.

Here’s a little of what you can expect if you join us for Sunday morning worship:

…We share a deep confidence in the good news of God’s love for the whole world made known in Jesus.  You can expect this good news to be at the center of worship and life at St. Christopher’s.

…Our worship is liturgical, based in the rich traditions of the Christian church.  We gather for song, prayer, readings from the Bible, a homily, and weekly Communion.

…We welcome all to the Eucharist each week.  The table is Christ’s, not that of any denomination or church, and Christ welcomes all to this meal of grace.

…Our music is eclectic, coming from classic and contemporary sources and from worshipping communities all over the world.

…We draw particularly from the resources of the Episcopal and Lutheran traditions.  Many of our members are from other Christian backgrounds and find themselves at home in this generous style of worship.

…We value difference of opinion and belief.  Doubts, questions, wonderings, and dreams are all welcome.

You can expect to be greeted by members and invited to stay for coffee hour after the service. Inquirer’s classes are held periodically throughout the year.  Feel free to contact the church office with any questions about worship or other ways to get involved at St. Christopher’s.

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