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Episcopal AND Lutheran?

St. Christopher’s is a congregation of two denominations.  That’s weird, right?  Well, maybe, but we think it’s pretty wonderful, too.

candle-lightingThe history of Christians splintering off into hundreds and thousands of different groups is a long and often sad one, and we’re happy to be part of a different story at St. Christopher’s.  The congregation was an Episcopal mission for more than fifty years before we formally became a federated Episcopal and Lutheran church in 2011.  It means that the church has full membership in both denominations. But what does THAT mean?

It means that we get to draw from two distinct, rich, and beautiful ways of being church.  We get to worship, pray, sing, and explore all that these two traditions have developed over the years.  We get to be part of something much bigger than ourselves.

It means that we value diversity and difference of belief.  We don’t take the view that any one group of Christians has gotten it all right over the years; instead, we seek to learn from different ways of worshipping, praying, and talking about God.

And it means that we get to tell a story of reconciliation and healing in the world.  There is much that unites us as Christians of two denominations, and we think it’s a blessing to live out that spirit of unity.  If there’s a place for these two traditions in our community of faith, there’s a place for you and your tradition, too.