About us

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Contact and directions

St. Christopher’s Community Church 7902 Steamboat Island Road NW Olympia, WA 98502   Phone: 360-866-2111   Email: office@stchristopherolympia.org   Office open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 2:30-5:30 p.m.; and by appointment   Click the pin below for directions  

Episcopal, Lutheran, and More?

Q: “What are you? Catholic? Protestant? Episcopal? Lutheran?…” A: The short answer is. “Yes. All those and more.” In spite of living in an age where we are connected more and more by technology, humanity is growing more and more fragmented, society more polarized, families more torn, and individuals more isolated. We at St. Christopher’s …


Visiting a new church can be intimidating.  Will the worship style be familiar or very different from what I’m used to?  Will the service be long or short?  Will the people make me feel welcome or like an outsider?  Will I have to juggle too many heavy books? St. Christopher’s strives to welcome all persons …

Our community

WELCOME to St. Christopher’s Community Church, a gathering of people from all walks of life seeking to follow Jesus at the heart of the Steamboat Island community.

Our Staff & Bishop’s Council

The Rev. James L. Thibodeaux, Pastor and Priest Fr. James came to St. Christopher’s in 2014. He is a native of Sonoma County, California, and grew up attending several Evangelical Christian churches. His theological education began at Westmont College. After graduating in 2000, he we confirmed in 2002 in the Episcopal Church. In 2006 Fr. …