Holy Week at Home

Holy Week at Home. You’ll find all our instructions, videos, and links to online worship right here.

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Meetings & Studies Now Online: You Need “Zoom”!

New Updates as of April 1, 2020.

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Being the Church in the Face of COVID-19: A F.A.Q. of Worship and Events at St. Christopher’s

Dear St. Christopher’s and Friends,

A number of you have asked similar question or very good questions, all of which deserve an answer. Here is what I’ve heard…

Q: Is St. Christopher’s closed or will it be closing?
A: No. Our building is closed to the public and Washingtonians have strict measures in place about gatherings, but many things are taking place online and off. The outdoor worship spaces remain open for you to use individually – the Labyrinth, the Stations of the Cross, and the Columbarium. The Open Hands foodbank garden is still slated to go on. And we are adding more and more online worship, fellowship, and learning opportunities.

Q: Will there be another Eucharist online? How does online Eucharist work?
A: Yes. We are pre-recording a Eucharist and posting it Saturday night/Sunday morning each week. We post it on Facebook at facebook.com/stchristopherolympia and we post links to the video on our website’s front page – www.StChristopherOlympia.org .

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Online Worship for The Fifth Week of Lent

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Lent, Holy Week, & Easter: A Coronavirus Update.

Dear Ones,

I’ve received notice from Bishop Rickel of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia that all diocesan congregations will remain closed to the public through Holy Week and Easter.

This has not come as a surprise to most clergy, including myself. And I have been talking with my colleagues about backup plans prior to this announcement. So here is our plan…

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Beyond Livestream Worship: Keeping Faith Communities Connected in the Face of COVID 19

By the Rev. Ken Howard

This is the first in a multipart series on strategies and tools for doing and being church in the face of COVID19

The COVID19 pandemic is not the first time Christianity has been faced with the moral question of how to respond in the face of pandemic. In fact, the question is nearly as old as the Church itself. One of the first times was during the third century Roman plague. Something likely akin to Ebola, the so-called Cyprian plague (after Bishop Cyprian of Carthage) which ravaged the Empire from 250-270 CE.

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Online Eucharist for March 15th, Lent 3

We have moved our Sunday Eucharist to a pre-recorded video posted on Facebook. We invite you to participate in worship by watching the video. In addition, “Christopher Saint” will be hosting a Facebook Watch Party. Find out more here.

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Stations of the Cross: An Immigrant Journey

Photographs by Thomas Kiefer, from his collection “El Sueño Americano”, will be on display at St. Christopher’s Church on Wednesdays & Thursdays, March 4 – April 8th and on Good Friday, April 10th from 1pm to 5pm each day. With permission of the artist, some of his photographic images were made into prints and mounted for the community to view and contemplate as part of the outdoor Stations of the Cross and around the church grounds.

As a janitor for Customs and Border Protection in Ajo, Arizona from 2003 to 2014, Mr. Kiefer found, through serendipity, the confiscated and discarded belongings of undocumented migrants apprehended in the desert. Being a photographer, he collected these items and eventually decided to photograph them as “symbols of humanity”.

Come see the photographs and read about Mr. Kiefer’s experience working as a janitor for CBP, how he came across these belongings, everything from cans of tuna to rosaries, what he has to say about some of them, and why he decided to photograph these belongings.

The event is free.

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Church Workday – Sun., March 29th

Wear your work clothes to church and grab a broom, a rake, a shovel, or a duster. Lend us a hand as we spruce up our campus and building in preparation for Holy Week.

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COVID-19 and St. Christopher’s

Updated March 13, 2020

Dear Friends,

As the situnation surounding COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop I think it will not surprise you that St. Christopher’s facilites are closed to all in-person group meetings and group worship through at least March 22nd. This is in compliance with the closures of all Diocese of Olympia congregations. Below you will find more info from the Diocese of Olympia and the Southwestern WA Synod. 

This does not mean St. Christopher’s is closed… We are simply doing ministry in different ways. Over the weekend you will hear of ways we can remain worshiping, fellowshiping, and serving together. Much of this will occur by phone, text message, email, video conference, and online. 

Sunday Services go online… I intend to have some form of video streaming or conferenced worship at our normal times on Sunday. I will have more info on that n the next 24 hours as I work out the details of software, harware, licensing, and copyright. Please be patient.  

… there’s more …

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“Ashes to Go”

Ashes to Go
Feb. 26, 2020

Island Market from 2:30 – 4:00
Comapanion Cove from 4:00 – 5:30pm

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Ash Wednesday Evening Service

7pm, February 26th.

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Women’s Retreat : Discovering Prayer Styles

How does personality style influence prayer style? This is a one day women’s retreat on Saturday, Feb. 29th, 9:30am – 2:30 pm. Please RSVP by Friday Feb. 28th.

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The Gospel in Community: StC’s Annual Report for the 2019 Year

Our Annual Meeting was held on Sunday, January 26th. You can find a pdf of our annual report for 2019 by clicking the link below: The Gospel in Community: Worship, Formation, Ministry MissionThe 2019 Annual Report & Mission Proposal

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Scam Alert!

We’ve seen notices like the one I’ll quote below from both our bishops now and it’s just a matter of time before someone tries it from some other clergy you might know…

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Annual Meeting, Sunday, Jan. 26th

Our Annual Meeting is coming on Sunday, Januaryt 26th following an abrieviated 10:30am service.

More than just business, this meeting celebrates God’s work in us and through us during the previous year and shares what ministries are planning to accomplish (by God’s grace!) this coming year. We’ll also elect our leadership and approve our budget.

All members are asked to attend and vote.* This is an open meeting and all are welcome. We look forward to spending this time with you.

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Christmas Eve at St. Christopher’s

You, your family, friends, & neighbors are cordially invited to celebrate Christmas at St. Christopher’s Community Church…

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A Blue Christmas Service – Dec 18, 7pm

Not everyone’s holiday is “Holly & Jolly.” Sometimes we feel more blue than red & green. Join us St. Christopher’s and Steamboat Island Church on Wed, Dec. 18th at 7pm for a service that recognizes Jesus was born into a world that was in the midst of turmoil and distress, and longing for a Savior who would speak peace and comfort the people (Isaiah 40:1).

We’ll be worshiping at St. Christopher’s located at 7902 Steamboat Island Rd. NW, Olympia, WA. Everyone is welcome.

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Bishop Rickel’s Advent Message

Our Episcopal Bishop, Greg Rickel, sends greetings and offers these thoughts during the Advent season, the four weeks of preparation leading up to Christmas.

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Giving Thanks: A Reflection from Bishop Jaech

As we enter the month of November, I find myself thinking about the act of giving thanks and the gifts that come to us when we do so.

Giving thanks is connected to the grateful realization that we are not here in the world on our own. Our daily existence can sometimes feel like an exhausting marathon where our survival is all up to us. We can quickly begin to feel lonely and overwhelmed when it seems that we are traveling through life alone. When we pray thank you, we are opening our eyes and hearts again to the blessed truth that God walks with us in every part of our journey. We are never alone; God’s strength and grace are always moving through us and with us.

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Border Belongings: A Photographic Essay

Photographic Essay: Border Belongings The public is invited to an art show at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church: 1515 Harrison Ave. NW; Olympia, WA, in their Gathering Space – noon to 4pm on Saturday, 30 Nov. and Sunday, 1 December. With permission of the artist, copies of photographs by Thomas Kiefer, from his collection “El Sueño …

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