Updated Safeguarding God’s Children Policy & Training on Sept 22nd

Fr. James is leading a Safeguarding God’s Children Training on Saturday, September 22nd 1pm-4pm RSVP to Lisa at lisa@stjohnsoly.org Who needs this certification? All staff and Bishop’s Council members Anyone working directly with youth or children (including volunteers) Anyone with a key to the church facilities. Here is letter from Bishop Greg Rickel talking about updates …

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Diocese of Olympia Annual Convention, Oct 26-27 2018

Each year we participate in the annual gathering of either our Lutheran synod or our Episcopal diocese. Lutheran’s call this annual meeting “Synod Assembly” and Episcopalians call it “Diocesan Convention.” The meetings are remarkably similar in the way they are conducted and topics covered. This year, we participate in the Episcopal Diocesan, held October 26-27 …

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America’s non-Essentials: A Conversation of Art, Awareness, and Immigration

Photographs by Thomas Kiefer, from his collection “El Sueño Americano”, will be on display at St. Christopher’s Church (7902 Steamboat Is. Rd NW; Olympia, WA) on Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16 from noon to 4pm each day.  With permission of the artist, some of his photographic images were made into prints and mounted …

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Practices of a Jesus-Centered Life

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