Jul 07

New interim clergy introduced

We at St. Christopher’s have been treated to some wonderful new clergy over the last few months since Pastor Andy left us at the end of January. We have experienced the one-time clergy leadership of Pastor Art, Pastor Kristi, Pastor Knutsen, and Pastor Sandra.  We also had the engaging presence of Padre Antonio for 3 months. A …

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Jun 08

Blueberry Bash—August 17, 2014


Please mark your calendars for the Blueberry Bash on Sunday, August 17 from noon to 4:00 pm. This year’s band is The Pine Hearts from Olympia. The Blueberry Bash is a wonderful way to meet neighbors and get to know the Steamboat Island area community. Did you know that for the last two years St. …

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Jan 09

Spirituality for Times of Transition

You’ve been through lots of transitions before, so you probably have your own words of counsel on how to navigate them with faithfulness and grace. Here’s my shot at it….

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Jul 08

Purpose and Values – Looking Ahead Together

Racing has never been one of my favorite images the Bible offers us for the life of faith. Maybe it’s because I often feel rushed in my daily life, moving so quickly from one thing to the next; maybe it’s because speed has never been what you might call my greatest virtue….

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